Sometimes you may need to move between different places during the same day or over several days, you may need to do that for business, pleasure, tourism or just to get some personal stuff done. You may consider using taxis or ride hailing services, but those may not be instantly available upon your request and may cost you a lot specially if the distances between your multiple destinations are big.

Imagine that you do not have to do this. imagine that you just go online, book a local person’s car, meet with that person, start your trips and that's all. Imagine having a car at your personal disposal throughout the whole period. Imagine even paying a fixed and predetermined amount for using the car and the services of its owner, for a certain number of hours or days.

Meshwar is the outcome of this dream. Our vision is for people to move free, cheap, enjoy their trips and never worry about that again.

Meshwar is a unique online platform that connects car owners with people looking for cars to rent with a driver by the day or by the hour. Meshwar is a car sharing community that manages a service from people to people.

Meshwar is a safe, free, user-friendly and technological advanced website. Meshwar is the meeting point for renters to book the best and cheapest cars and for car owners to make extra income with their car.

Be part of the vision, be part of the community, be part of the future, sign up with Meshwar now.